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I'm not sure when exactly it started, but I woke up one morning to hear most people call me 'Oluwadabest' (or 'Dabest' when they are in a hurry); other than my real name, which is Dada Temitope. And I love it, so yeah, you can call me either of those. I hate being boxed, so I'm open to learning new things from any sphere, but I currently earn a living from directing TV Commercials and documentaries. Oh, well, asides from how obsessed I am with Nike Air shoes and any Apple product, you'll find everything else about me in my 'About' tab below.

Wanna talk? I have a comfy couch waiting for you in my email, hehe!

ShowREEl (2022)


On the list of things Temitope Dada (known popularly as Oluwadabest) is passionate about, the art and act of storytelling comes tops. This is why my works as a commercial and documentary filmmaker always have a peculiar feel to them; one that can only be birthed by Dabest.

Based in Lagos yet having worked with multinational brands, I lead the creative team at FilmbyDT Production Company and I am passionate about teaching; expressing this as a tutor/convener at Shoot Edit Repeat — a training for cinematography enthusiasts nationwide.

If I were to mention all the film projects I have directed, those with top brands across all spheres like Guinness plc, Octa FX, Abeg, PiggyVest, GTBank, Bamboo, Andrea Iyamah, Sterling Bank, Nigerian Bottling Company, Total and Origin Nigeria might probably interest you the most; even though they would only be me listing a few of the numerous commendable projects I have been a part of.

Shoot an email at to get me involved in yours.

Body of work


Like This (Ayra Starr)

A narrative commercial where i explored various scenarios where the Pocket app proves to be superior and more dependable than its competitors.


Mastery looks like you (Octa Fx)

A narrative commercial demonstrating that mastering forex trading can be as simple as acquiring a skill you have already perfected.


9mobile X BNXN

Highlighting 9 mobile as a central element in music production, from creating music to strategizing and executing projects.


Beauty X 9mobile

A TV show-inspired commercial that delves into our guest answering a crucial question on the show.


YOU'VE GOT IT (Burna Boy)

A motivational thriller that delves into Burna Boy sharing his journey while inspiring the audience to believe they can achieve the same.


Andrea Iyamah SS20 Fashion film

An enchanting thriller unfolds in a serene green environment, skillfully combining fashion and dance with tranquil, vivid, and stunning colors.


Invest Bamboo

A thrilling and fast-paced thriller introducing the arrival of Bamboo in Ghana, which has become an exciting adventure for users to grow their wealth.


Epic Save (PiggyVest)

An intense thriller that delves into metaphors of saving and the significance of saving is.


We Want More (Stanbic)

An analogy for our desire for more as individuals is the crucial step of planning for retirement.


How Nigerian Director Temitope Dada Became ‘Da Best’


Temitope Dada, popularly referred to as “Dabest” by his friends and protégés, is making TV ads in Nigeria worth talking about.

Oluwadabest Is The Director Behind Your Favourite Commercials

PiggyVest feature

oluwadabest takes us through his eventful career, discusses the moment his life changed and offers advice for pricing creative work.

Dada Temitope Has been nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize For Film:


Meet the nominees for The Future Awards Africa Prize For Film:

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Dada Temitope

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